Manufacturing of glass fiber reinforced plastic profiles
The products are made using a continuous automated manufacturing process – pultrusion – which allows to produce composite profiles of continuous lengths. We have a wide variety of tools for different profiles and offer solutions for custom profiles.

Machining of profiles
We cut the material to (sets of) requested lengths and can mill the products according to customer request. For enquiries, please find the contact information below.


Our glass fiber reinforced composite profiles are made from either glass roving or mat reinforcement bound together by thermosetting matrix such as polyester or vinyl ester resin. Also carbon fiber reinforced products are manufactured. Such material can be described with very high strength to weight ratio, anticorrosive property, electrical and thermal non-conductivity, long life-span as well as low maintenance costs of the finished products.

Our product articles are widely used in electrical installations as insulators; as constructional elements, where high corrosion resistance is required and many other fields where the advantages of composite material are required. Composite reinforcement solutions (rebars) for concrete constructions are also manufactured.

For a closer look of our products and material specifications, please ask for our product catalogue. For questions about profiles that are not listed in the catalogue or profiles for different applications, do not hesitate to send us an enquiry! We closely cooperate with our customers to develop new products.